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Watch Repair Services: 

Affordable Watch Repair offers you comprehensive and professional services that are individually tailored to meet your needs. You can place your trust in our reliable services. We can definitely find the right solution for you!

An Overview of Our Services

Quartz Watches;


Quartz watches are battery powered watches, they may be analog or digital (LCD) or a combination of both. If a Quartz watch stops working it can be for a number of reasons the most obvious is just a dead battery or cell. We  use Energizer or Renata batteries which are the best quality. 


Our price for batteries for most types of watches is $ 15.00 

(more complicated watches to change like G-Shock are $ 25.00)

We offer quantity discounts for multiple watches, as low as $ 10.00 each for twenty watches or more.   


Some watches including Seiko Kinetic and Citizens Eco drive require a recharable capacitor which must be changed approximately  ten or twelve years.

Capacitors are expensive and sometimes very difficult to install. price = $ 85.00


If a  battery doesn't get the watch going it may need a cleaning and oiling to get it going, sometimes a watch pulses the hand trembles but doesn't advance or it may not run at all. We clean the gear train and then lightly oil the gear train with a 10 weight fine silicone oil, we then demagnitize the watch (which makes the hands spin rapidly) this often times gets the watch going.


Our charge for a Cleaning and oiling is $ 65.00 for a standard watch $ 125.00 for a Chronograph. 


If that doesn't get the watch going the last result is to replace the movement or mechanism of the watch which is the watches motor. There are a number of watch movement companies , some Japanese, some made in China and the best ones being Swiss made depending on the type of watch.


Our charge for a new movement varies on the type of watch starting at about  $85.00 and going upwards of many hundred dollars for complicated or very fine quality watches.


Other services for Quartz watches include;


Watch Batteries; (Quantity Discounts).


1 to 4 watches @ $ 17.00/ each

5 to 10 Watches @ $ 15.00/ each

11 to15 Watches @ $ 12.50/each

16 to 20 Watches@$ 10.00/each

20 Watches or more @ call


Most watch batteries can be installed while you wait, 

Quantities would have to be left for installation.


We check the gaskets and seals on the watch replace them if necessary 

we also adjust and tighten the clasp if neccessary.


Watch Movements                                = Quote (by type)


Watch waterproof Pressure Test             = $ 25.00



Shortening or adjusting the Watch Band =      $ 15.00


Crown  (winder)                                   =       $ 25.00 & up


Stem                                                   =        $ 35.00 & up


Replacing the Watch Crystal  (flat 1mm) =       $ 45.00 & up

                                  (2mm + thick)    =       $ 65.00 

                                        (domed)       =       $ 80.00 & up

                                        (Sapphire)    =       $ 125.00 & up


Watch Clasps                      ( repair)       =      $ 15.00

                                         (replace)      =      $ 25.00 & Up


Refurbish , polish and clean a watch        =       $ 25.00


Refit hands                                            =       $ 40.00

New Hands                                            =       $ 65.00 & up


Refinish Dial                                           =       call



( Sorry, we do not repair eye glasses or electronic items)


     We do service high end watches including Omega and Rolex, call for estimate 

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