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Affordable Watch Repair         919-359-3649

Clock Repair Services;

We Repair Quartz (Battery), Electric,  Pendulum , escapement type Clocks.



Quartz Clocks;

Quartz Clocks have a replaceable electronic movement or mechanism

and are battery operated. Depending on the type of clock replacing the

movement starts at $ 40.00 & up.


Electric Clocks;


Electric clocks have a cord and plug in to a wall outlet. There are a variety of electric clocks these were primarily made before 1980 and the invention of the quartz clock.


The cost to repair electric clocks begins at $ 50.00 & up


Pendulum Clocks;


Pendulum clocks including Mantle and kitchen clocks are usually driven by a main spring which is wound up by using a key. Many have a gong, bang or chimes.


The usual cost of cleaning and oiling a pendulum clock is $ 150.00

(not counting any required parts) additional charges would include refinishing the dial, replacing the hands, refinishing the wood , replacing the crystal or lens, adjusting the chimes.



Carriage Clocks;

Escapement type clocks are similar to a mechanical watch it has a balance wheel and "ticks". They are also usually wound up with a key.


The price to overhaul an escapement type clock starts at $ 225.00.



We do not service longcase (or Grandfather) clocks due to lack of space.


We do not make house calls.



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