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Mechanical wind up watches


Mechanical wind up (or vintage ) Watches haven't changed much in hundreds of years except to be mass produced. There are very inexpensive mechanical watches like Timex and very expensive ones like Rolex. They used to have plastic crystals today they usually have a flat mineral glass crystal. You can still purchase them but they are much rarer than they used to be. More expensive mechanical watches have jewels which is on the pivots to reduce friction.


A mechanical watch has a main spring to power the watch and a balance wheel that ticks at 18000 beats per hour (or more). They are not as accurate as quartz watches. Mechanical watches usually need to be serviced at least once every five years. The watch is dismantled and cleaned and oiled and regulated on a timing machine. This is refered to as overhauling the watch.


Our price to overhaul a watch is $ 165.00 & Up 

to overhaul a cronograph watch $ 295.00 & Up


The price of parts depends on the type of watch and whether we use genuine or generic parts. This price list is just a guide line.





Shortening or adjusting the Watch Band =      $ 10.00


Crown  (winder)                                   =       $ 35.00 up


Stem                                                   =        $ 25.00 & up


Replacing the Watch Crystal  (flat 1 mm) =       $ 35.00 & up

                                     (2mm + thick)  =       $ 45.00 

                                        (domed)       =       $ 40.00 & up

                                        (Sapphire)    =       $ 85.00 & up


Watch Clasps                      ( repair)       =      $ 10.00

                                         (replace)      =      $ 20.00


Refurbish , polish and clean a watch        =       $ 15.00


Refit hands                                            =       $ 20.00

New Hands                                            =       $ 25.00 & up


Refinish Dial                                           =       $ 175.00 & up









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